Plans / Avlsplaner

🆕️ 2024 🆕️

We are hoping for litters from both breeds next year! Scroll down for more info. 


In the beginning of next year we plan for the following combination:

N S DK Fi CH NORDIC CH Multi W Beike v Striensas x Romke

Both are healthy and happy dogs with good working skills.
They have one litter each, from 2021 and 2022 – and from Beikes previous litter she has produced several titled and well meritted youngsters, proven to be both brain and beauty already at a young age.
The youngsters are trained for hunting, nose work, rally-o, retrieving work, scent work, obedience and so on.
From this planned combination we expect good working dogs, suitable for both sports and hunters.

Curious about this rare, versatile working dog from the Netherlands?

Feel free to ask us anything!

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