The A-team

Malentha’s A-team (Litter 1)

Our first litter is a combination between Leila (Røgild’s Lytske Tjitske Frytze DK19490/2016) and Vito (Ferry NHSB 3008124). Leila and Vito are both living in Norway with their Norwegian owners. The litter is inspired by characters from the videogame Skyrim, and the names have been picked based on the characters first name who starts with the letter “A”.

Here at Kennel Malentha we have a huge focus on making healthy dogs who can live in any sort of environment. Because of this we are always careful with our pick of male and female. Both male and female have been tested for elbows dysplasia (ED), hip dysplasia (HD) and cerebral dysfunction (CD). Both the male and females’ eyes have been tested as well. The results were very promising, and came out like this:


HD – B

ED – 0

Eyes – CLEAR


HD – B/C

ED – 0

Eyes – CLEAR

Early in the morning Thursday 04.04.19 our first litter with 7 Stabijpuppies (4 boys and 3 girls) came to be. Their lovely mother Leila (Røgild’s Lytske Tjitske Frytze) had a perfect birth with good help from the amazing veterinarian Ellen, and the owner of Leila. All the puppies were in good health and shape, and 7 small adventures was about to begin.

The names for our A-team:

Uno “Malenthas Adventus Caesennius” – 520g (blue)

Don “Malenthas Agent Lorcalin” – 507g (baby pink)

Chase “Malenthas Arvel The Swift” – 481g (turquoise)

Ajax “Malenthas Assasins Of Old” – 540g (brown)

Bix “Malenthas Adelaisa Vendicci” – 471g (light purple)

Adira “Malenthas Aia Arria” – 476g (green)

Ellen “Malenthas Aela The Huntress” – 415g (pink)

The first week our seven champs grew like weeds, and most of the day was all about sleeping, cuddles, eating and more sleeping. All the puppies were growing fast and 10 days after their birth our number 1 Uno opened his eyes. As the first one out in the litter Uno lived up to his name and was the first one to see sunlight in his dark eyes. 12 days after their birth all the puppies weighed in at over 1000g and all the puppy’s eyes were now open!

The 8 weeks the puppies lived with us was amazing, and the puppies has explored much in their time with us. Hikes in the forest, car trips, socialization with strangers, kids and babies, meeting other dogs and training in the art of just doing nothing. All this so our A-team would be able to handle the life that followed with new owners, new experiences and new adventures. 6 of the puppies are now living with their owners both here in Norway, but also abroad. 1 Puppy stayed behind and will be our keeper from this litter, our little superstar Adira “Malentha’s Aia Arria”.

We are looking forward to seeing how our little champs will turn out to be and wish all the owner’s good luck in the future with their own little stabijhounds.