Åhlskogen’s Stabij QremeDeLaCreme

Born: 04.05.2018
CD free by parentage

Denne lysbildefremvisningen krever JavaScript.

The mother of Qreme is Anortositts Attie, and the day Mona (knl Åhlskogen)
got Attie home, we were visiting.
Never have I ever seen a more confident and sweet puppy as Attie was. Even though she had moved in that very day, she had such a cool attitude, it seemed like she had been there forever!
I immediately told Mona that if she were ever to breed Attie, I wanted a female after her. Two years later, K moved in with us.
She came to us in July of 2018, and we loved her outgoing temperament instantly.
She is just like her mother was as a puppy, full of energy and confidence!