Beike v. Striensas

NHSB 3129459
Born: 25.07.18


Little Beike is a dream come true. After our first meeting with the wetterhoun back in 2012, we really played with the idea of getting one in the future.
As time went by, we decided to get on the waiting list in the Netherlands, as we was expecting it to be many years of waiting prior to getting accepted. In the summer of 2018 the phone came, there was a breeder that wanted to export to us, even if we weren’t first on the list!
In mid November Chris went to pick her up – our perfect little black diamond.

She is the most confident and outgoing puppy I’ve ever seen!46492033_742162872815222_1969838358913875968_n
Inconveniently we had to bring her with us to the biggest show in Norway, only a day after we picked her up. I was a bit nervous to see how she would handle all the stress, dogs and people.. Oh well, this little queen couldn’t care less. She carried her head high and her tail proud, and was totally unaffected by all the stuff going on around her.
Hopefully this is a trait that will last, if that is so – we’re up for a good time!

Beike is the first and only wetterhoun in Norway, and we look forward to show her and hopefully breed her in the future.