About us

The faces behind the prefix Malentha,
Chris Munkhaugen and Janka Markhus.

It all started back in 2011, when I saw my first stabijhoun. I immediately fell in love, and in January of 2012 our first stabij moved in. She was a female, from kennel Åhlskogen in Sweden.

Her name was Åhlskogen’s Staby Malentha, and as you can see, she is the reason behind our prefix.
Unfortunately, she never became approved for breeding due to allergies. She did, however, teach me a lot, both about the breed, breeding theory and about different sports.

With «Malle» I have done «it all». We have been to shows, both national and internationally – she has become a Swedish Game Track Champion, and she has also gained her Norwegian show championship. We have also tried agility, nosework, smeller and even lure coursing. In her early days we also went hunting, but had to but an end to the hunting trips due to her health.

With Malle the grand interest for both dogs, but especially the stabijhoun came along. For several years we waited for the perfect new addition to the pack, and in the beginning of 2018 she arrived – our little Pudding.

She is a Danish import, from kennel Røgild. She is a happy and funny girl, with a ton of energy. With her we plan on doing retrieving, bikejoring, and hopefully some good hunting in the future. She has a great will of working, and we look forward to see her develop. She will hopefully be a part of our breeding program.

Life is sometimes strange, and in the summer of 2018 we were lucky enough to be offered not one, but TWO puppies. We got our little «Creme» from knl Åhlskogen in the beginning of July, and in the early fall we picked up her partner in crime, «Sonne» from Finland.
They are separated by only 1 day, being born on the 3rd and 4th of May – but they are truly different dogs, both in temper and body.
Sonne is the adult one, being loving and calm and full of confidence. Creme is the adventurous one, always ready for some action and she is full of joy and happiness.
They fulfill each other and are really good friends. We love them both to pieces.

In the winter of 2018 our last addition to the pack was added, and we got our first wetterhoun. Her name is Beike, but she goes by the name of «Bæ». She is not only our, but also Norway’s first wetter. As a puppy she is full of joy and confidence, and she is a real bundle of love. We are really looking forward to get to know our new breed, and see what the future holds for this little black diamond.